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Stress Detox Seminar - Berlin 2019

Stress Detox Seminar - Berlin

Russian Speaking only

Why doesn’t stress reduce even after a vacation to a beautiful place, a work out at the gym or a pill we pop in?

Is it possible to detox our bodies, our emotions and our entire being from this experience of stress?

How do we overcome our sleeplessness, anxiety, inability to focus and the frustration that seems to be eating into our relationships as a result of stress?

The answer to each of this questions is “STRESS DETOX” workshop. Unlike a conventional approach to stress release which is often superficial, this is a workshop where you will release stress from the most inner layers of your consciousness, from your physical body, energy body, mind body and experience pure bliss. You will experience a gentle healing of heart greater vitality in the body and a greater capacity to focus on the deeper issues of life.

Easy to practice meditations, and wisdom centred processes give you an experience of the FUSION of the ANCIENT, MODERN, MYSTICAL and SCIENTIFIC.

Gifted by Krishaji and Preethaji, the Founders of O&O Academy, “The Stress Detox” seminar unifies the power of the source and the power of consciousness to give you a beautiful experience of life.

Course materials and refreshments will be provided.

If you have additional questions about the event, please email