“I believe that sharing and helping others, gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction, helps us to live longer, happier, with joy and love in our hearts”


I’m a uniquely diverse mix of the ancient with the modern: a modern-day consciousness coach. I blend ancient metaphysical teachings, quantum physics and my own spiritual power to smash through your blocks in order to create real, lasting, and meaningful change. Trained at the world-renowned consciousness and meditation school for transforming human kind – the O&O Academy in India. 

I study Authentic Spirituality, Shamanism, Buddhism & Kabbalah, the true meaning of life, how to access the power of consciousness and channel the power of the Divine. Though I am fully trained, my spiritual journey is ongoing. I pursue more learnings and teachings to further evolve my consciousness and understanding of how to better serve my audience and the world around me.

Anna Grace-Davidson, Consciousness Coach


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Stress Detox Seminar

The Stress Detox Seminar, with Anna Grace Davidson, is designed to help you to release stress from the most inner layers of your consciousness, from your physical body, energy body, mind body and experience pure bliss & to focus on the deeper issues of life.

The Stress Detox Seminar is a very powerful transformation and turning point in people’s life.

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