Body, Mind, Emotions & Soul - Heal Program

 Holidays, exercise, self-help books... These are all ways we try to free ourselves from worry, stress, and sleeplessness, but sometimes they stay with us no matter what we do. 

Are you seeking lasting ways to heal your body, mind, soul and emotions, while improving your relationship with the world around you and those you love?

My answer is: Body, Mind, Emotions & Soul Heal Program

I’ve designed this program to give you:

●     A beautiful healing experience that will lead you towards a healthy, joyful, meaningful life full of magic and synchronicities*.

●     Techniques for releasing pressure and anxiety from deep within your consciousness, body, mind and soul in order to experience pure joy. 

●     A gentle healing of heart, increased vitality in the body, and an improved ability to focus on life’s deeper issues.

My easy-to-practice meditations, teachings, techniques and energy hands healing fuse the ancient and the modern, the cabbalistic and the scientific. As I guide you through the healing process, you’ll experience a stress-free inner state, giving your consciousness the power and space to manifest heartfelt intentions. 

During the eight sessions, you’ll learn cabbalistic wisdom and meditation techniques that will help you break through some of the key obstacles on your path to finding love, well-being and realising your goals. Practicing the teachings will cleanse your body, mind, soul and emotions of stress, worry and anxiety.


This program is divided into eight sessions, with each session lasting between 60 - 75min

What you will you learn and experience:

1st Session: General Introduction

2nd Session: Learning Relaxation

3rd Session: Learning Energy Activation

4thS ession: Learning Forgiveness

5th Session: Learning to Live with Intention

6th Session: Learning Joyful Living

7th Session: Learning Joyful Giving

8th Session: Powerful Visualisation Meditation

Languages offered: English, Russian, and German

City: London, Berlin

Skype: Available

Please email for price details